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What are Limiting Factors in College Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Limiting Factors definition in college biology with explanation to study “What are Limiting Factors”. Study limiting factors explanation with college biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Limiting Factors Definitions

  1. Some thing present in the environment in such short supply that it restricts life process.

    Cambridge IGSCE Biology by Mary Jones, Geoff Jones

  2. Any environmental factor the absence or deficiency of which can decrease the rate of a metabolic reaction, is called limiting factor for that reaction.

    Biology by Dr.William George and A.R.Sheikh

Limiting Factors Explanation

Limiting factors involved in photosynthesis refers to any environmental factor and their absence or if they are not sufficient and some what lacks purity that can decreases the rate of metabolic reaction, is known as limiting factors, which participates in limiting photosynthesis reactions such as: concentration of carbon dioxide, light intensity, temperature, as well as availability of water.

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