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Learn Lysosomes definition in college biology with explanation to study “What are Lysosomes”. Study lysosomes explanation with college biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Lysosomes Definition:

  • A Belgian scientist Christian Rene de Duve discovered lysosomes. These are single - membrane bound organellus.

    Biology by Dr.William George and A.R.Sheikh

Lysosomes Explanation:

Lysosomes has concerned with strong digestive enzymes and responsible for the breakdown of food as well as the excretion of waste matter, due to the presence of degradative enzymes. During proceeding a function, a lasosome fuses with vacuole, striving and targeted material along with its enzymes decomposition. There are four kind of lysosome : primary lysosome, secondary lysosome, Residual Bodies and Autophagic vacuoles.

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