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What is Photosynthesis in College Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Photosynthesis definition in college biology with explanation to study “What is Photosynthesis”. Study photosynthesis explanation with college biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Photosynthesis Definitions

  1. Because of phtosynthesis, living thing gained access to sufficient energy that allowed them to build new structures and achieve the biodiversity evident today.

    College Biology by Textbook Equity

  2. Process by which plants manufacture carbohydrates from raw materials using energy from light.

    Cambridge IGSCE Biology by Mary Jones, Geoff Jones

  3. Photosynthesis is the synthesis of glucose from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll with oxygen.

    Biology by Dr.William George and A.R.Sheikh

Photosynthesis Explanation

Calvin is the first who emphasized the detailed procedure of photosynthesis. It is a process in which plants transform light energy to chemical energy so the utilized energy can later be discharged to fuel organism's life time activities. The basic process of photosynthesis is being involved by green plants as well as other living beings, using energy of light to diverge carbon dioxide and water toward simple sugar glucose.

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