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Condensation Reaction Definition and Explanation PDF Download

Learn Condensation Reaction definition in college chemistry with explanation to study “What is Condensation Reaction”. Study condensation reaction explanation with college chemistry terms to review chemistry course for online degree programs.

Condensation Reaction Definition:

  • A reaction in which two organic molecules join together and in the process eliminate a small molecule, such as water or hydrogen chloride is called condensation reaction.

    Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry by Ryan Lawrie, Roger Norris

Condensation Reaction Explanation:

Condensation reaction means combination of two molecules that forms a larger molecule and releases a smaller molecule during a process,therefore,these three aspects of combination,formation and release are essential for the same.This process may be natural or man made.Further often the molecule that is released in the course of the process is water but for other times it may be methonol,acetic acid or HCL.Examples for the same are Nylon,Dacronetc.The forms of the process are intermolecular[ within two separate molecules] and intra molecular[within two different parts of the same molecule.

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