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What is a Compound Sentence in English Grammar? PDF Download

Learn Compound Sentence definition in english grammar with explanation to study “What is a Compound Sentence”. Study compound sentence explanation with English terms to review English Grammar course for online degree programs.

Compound Sentence Definition

  • Compound sentences are one of the four main sentence structures. They are made up of at least two independent clauses expressing closely related ideas of equal or similar importance that are joined using a comma and a conjunction or just a semicolon.

    Complete English Grammar Book by Petter Herring

Compound Sentence Explanation

Compound sentences are those sentences which are formed by combining two independent clause, independent clauses are those clauses which have subject and a verb and it can stand alone in order to convey complete meaning of the sentence. These two independent clauses are combined by using commas, semi colons and conjunctions, they add flow and continuity to your text. For example "I like tea but coffee is my favorite" as "I like tea" and "coffee is my favorite" are independent clauses both can stand alone but in to convey maximum information in one sentence we combined these both with conjunction and thus they are called as compound sentence collectively.

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