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Proper Noun Definition

  • Proper nouns, on the other hand, are used to identify a unique person, place, or thing. A proper noun names someone or something that is one of a kind, which is signified by the use of a capital letter, no matter where it appears in a sentence.

    Complete English Grammar Book by Petter Herring

Proper Noun Explanation

Proper noun is used to give us specific knowledge about a noun. These nouns have two features firstly they will tell us about one kind of a thing secondly these nouns will begin with capitalized letter no matter where they are appearing in a sentence. " Lady Diana is adored by many " in this sentence we came to know about a specific character and that's how we can to know that what is a proper noun here. "I am craving Oreos". Here we can easily assess proper noun as it's telling us a specific name of cookies and it's starting with a capital letter no matter where it is coming in a sentence.

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