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Future Tense Definition

  • English verbs do not have unique forms for the future tense; instead, we use different sentence constructions to describe actions that will occur in the future. There are two ways we do this for the future simple tense.

    Complete English Grammar Book by Petter Herring

Future Tense Explanation

Future tense indicate time later than present and it also deals with facts. Simple future tense used to talk about actions that haven't happened yet as these actions are supposed to take place in future. We can use this tense for unplanned future action for thoughts, predictions, assumptions and for offering, promising ,threatening and ordering. "Will" is a key word we use to make future tense.
Sentence structure for positive future tense is Subject+ will+ is/am/are+ verb. "She is going to Izmir ".
Negative structure Subject+ will+ not + is/am/are+ verb. "She is not going to Izmir. Interrogative Will+Subject+Verb+? "Will She go to Izmir ?"

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