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Present Continuous Tense Definition and Explanation PDF Download

Learn Present Continuous Tense definition in english grammar with explanation to study “What is Present Continuous Tense”. Study present continuous tense explanation with English terms to review English Grammar course for online degree programs.

Present Continuous Tense Definition:

  • Present continuous or present progressive tense is used to speak about actions that are currently happening.

    Complete English Grammar Book by Petter Herring

Present Continuous Tense Explanation:

Present continuous tense is used to tell that action is going on or action that is unfinished. It serves us with the purpose of telling a continuity of any action or work. We always add "ing" in making of continuous tense. Same as simple one, continuous present tense also have three categories : present, past and future. The sentence structure to be followed is as follow
positive sentence structure
Subject + is/am/are + 1st form of verb+ ing. For example "She is learning Turkish".
negative sentence structure. Subject + is/am/are + Not+ 1st form of verb+ ing. For example "She is not learning Turkish "
interrogative sentence structure Wh+is/am/are+Subject + 1st form of verb +ing+?. For example "Am I learning Turkish?"

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