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Frequency Programs (FPs) Definition

  • It is designed to provide rewards to customers who buy frequently and in substantial amounts.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Frequency Programs (FPs) Explanation

Casing rate (communicated in edges every second or FPS) is the recurrence (rate) at which back to back pictures called edges show up on a presentation. The term applies similarly to film and camcorders, PC designs, and movement catch frameworks. Edge rate may likewise be known as the casing recurrence, and be communicated in hertz. The fleeting affect-ability and goals of human vision fluctuates relying upon the sort and attributes of visual boost, and it contrasts between people. The human visual framework can process 10 to 12 pictures for every second and see them separately, while higher rates are seen as movement. Adjusted light, (for example, a PC show) is seen as steady by most of members in studies when the rate is higher than 50 Hz through 90 Hz.

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