What are Megatrends in Marketing? PDF Book

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Megatrends Definition

  • Large social, economic, political, and technological changes that are slow to form, and once in place, have an influence for seven to ten years or longer.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Megatrends Explanation

We live in an inexorably powerful and interconnected world. Clashes in the Middle East are causing statistic moves in Europe, e-squander from the West is being reused in Africa and discharges from China are influencing air quality in the US. These are only a couple of instances of how super patterns are forming the present world. Ernst and Young characterize them as "huge, trans-developmental worldwide powers that characterize the future by having sweeping effects on organizations, economies, enterprises, social orders and people." It's a wide yet able definition with a reasonable message: Mega-patterns are ground-breaking marvels affecting the establishments of our reality that will be vital in forming its future. The absolute most usually referred to super patterns incorporate environmental change, populace development, asset exhaustion and urbanization.

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