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What are Noncompensatory Models in Marketing? PDF Download

Learn Noncompensatory Models definition in marketing with explanation to study “What are Noncompensatory Models”. Study noncompensatory models explanation with marketing terms to review marketing course for online MBA programs.

Noncompensatory Models Definition

  • In consumer choice, when consumers do not simultaneously consider all positive and negative attribute considerations in making a decision.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Noncompensatory Models Explanation

The anticipation worth model is a compensatory model in that apparent beneficial things for an item can beat apparent awful things. Yet, buyers might not have any desire to contribute so much time and vitality to assess brands. With non-compensatory models of customer decision, positive and negative characteristic contemplation don't really net out. Assessing traits more in confinement settles on basic leadership simpler for a shopper, yet in addition improves the probability that the individual would have settled on an alternate decision on the off chance that the person in question had thought in more prominent detail.

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