What are Pleasing Products in Marketing? PDF Book

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Pleasing Products Definition

  • Products that give high immediate satisfaction but may hurt consumers in the long run.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Pleasing Products Explanation

These items have short run purchaser benefits however high level of prompt delight. These items may hurt customers over the long haul. Shoddy nourishment is delicious which gives you prompt fulfillment however over the long haul it is awful for your well-being. Singed chicken or fries can be a model wherein individuals infer prompt fulfillment/delight and see an incentive for cash however these sustenance may hurt the customers over the long haul through heart and other diseases. Browse the definition and significance of more terms like Pleasing items. The Management Dictionary covers more than 7000 business ideas from 6 classifications. An item that produces quick fulfillment or joy, yet does not make long-run benefits for the customer or society.

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