What are Specialty Goods in Marketing?

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Specialty Goods Definition

  • Goods with unique characteristics or brand identification for which enough buyers are willing to make a special purchasing effort.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Specialty Goods Explanation

Strength products have especially extraordinary qualities and brand distinguishing pieces of proof for which a critical gathering of purchasers is eager to endeavor. Models incorporate explicit brands of extravagant items, extravagance vehicles, proficient photographic gear, and high-design garments. For example, customers who support product delivered by a specific shoe producer or furniture creator will, if vital, travel impressive separations so as to buy that specific brand. In claim to fame merchandise markets, merchants don't empower correlations between choices; purchasers contribute time to arrive at vendors conveying the item wanted, and these sellers in this way don't really should be strategically placed.

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