What is Occasion Segmentation in Marketing? PDF Book

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Occasion Segmentation Definition

  • Dividing the market into segments according to occasions when buyers get the idea to buy, actually make their purchase, or use the purchased item.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Occasion Segmentation Explanation

Event division is the way toward isolating the market into gatherings as per explicit events identified with the client. Event division centers around cutting the market dependent on certain particular occasions during a specific time, when a client is in a need of an item or an administration. This kind of division is typically time bound and helps focuses on those clients who need a specific item for a specific occasion or event. A few items or administrations are viewed as being proper for a specific circumstance or event. Which means, that the client is searching for explicit items on explicit occasions or events. Event division orders the clients into time bound needs dependent on some specific significant occasion in a people life. Such items would be extremely valuable during that specific event and would somehow or another be insignificant.

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