What is Point of Purchase (P O P in Marketing?

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Point of Purchase (P O P Definition

  • Location where a purchase is made, typically thought of in terms of a retail setting.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Point of Purchase (P O P Explanation

A point of procurement is a term utilized by advertisers and retailers when arranging the position of items for purchasers, for example, item shows deliberately put in a market passageway or promoted in a week after week flyer. Like this term is the purpose of offer, which is the time when a client buys and pays for items, for example, on a site or at a store checkout. A POP is a zone that encompasses the POS, where you regularly experience limited time movement or different items. As of late, the purpose of procurement for items and administrations has been a region of center for advertisers. POPs might be genuine, as on account of a physical store, or virtual, as on account of an electronic retailer that sells merchandise and ventures on the web. In the two cases, advertisers and retailers must decide the most ideal approach to feature their items and administrations.

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