What is Postpurchase Behavior in Marketing? PDF Book

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Postpurchase Behavior Definition

  • Stage of the buyer decision process in which consumers take further action after purchase based on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a purchase.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Postpurchase Behavior Explanation

Essentially characterized, Post-Purchase Behavior is the phase of the Buyer Decision Process when a customer will make extra move, in view of on their fulfillment or disappointment. The purchaser's degree of fulfillment or disappointment is legitimately identified with the shifting connection between their underlying desires for the item (pre-buy), and their view of the real execution of the item (post-buy) in their grasp. On the off chance that after the buy the customer sees the item's exhibition as coordinating their desires, or notwithstanding surpassing them, they will be "fulfilled". In the event that their impression of the item's presentation is not exactly their desires, at that point the buyer will feel "disappointed". The bigger the hole between their desires and the item's presentation, the more disappointment. This disappointment prompts Cognitive Dissonance.

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