What is Principle of Congruity in Marketing?

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Principle of Congruity Definition

  • Psychological mechanism that states that consumers like to see seemingly related objects as being as similar as possible in their favorability.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Principle of Congruity Explanation

Standard of congruity is a mental component that states buyers like to consider apparently to be questions as being as comparable as conceivable to support them capacity. An idea got from brain science and utilized with regards to promoting correspondence. This guideline might be connected when an organization needs to change the mentalities of its shoppers by utilizing big name endorsers. Assume a buyer hears a like capable VIP acclaim a brand that the individual aversions, this rule holds that demeanor change will occur toward expanding the measure of congruity between the brand and the VIP. This suggests an organization can utilize the great picture of big name to decrease some negative emotions toward a brand however in the process it may free some regard as for that big name. Subsequently, famous people ought to be utilized with some caution.

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