What is Product Assortment Marketing?

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Product Assortment Definition

  • Set of all products and items a particular seller offers for sale.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Product Assortment Explanation

Picking the correct blend of items to sell in a retail location requires more than picking things with the best deals potential. A few items are magnets that bring clients into your store, others have net revenues that legitimize their incorporation, while others can be deficit pioneers that goad different deals. Think about your objective client, rivalry and brand as you select the grouping of items you'll sell in your store. The most clear thought when making an item collection procedure is to figure out who you need as your objective client. The items you sell will draw in the sort of client you need, and the more point by point your statistic data, the better. For instance, rather than focusing on ladies, you should pull in more youthful, single ladies who have more discretionary cash flow for individual buys than ladies with kids or female retirees.

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