What is Product Penetration Percentage in Marketing?

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Product Penetration Percentage Definition

  • Percentage of ownership or use of a product or service in a population.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Product Penetration Percentage Explanation

Market infiltration is a critical marker concerning whether your promoting and deals methodologies are working. Market entrance is the level of distinguished potential clients you have gained. Not meeting the ideal infiltration rate could be a vital issue in promoting or deals, or it may be the case that you have to take the time with market improvement to grow the potential shopper base. Here's the manner by which you decide your entrance rate. The infiltration rate is anything but difficult to compute on the off chance that you realize your objective market size. To ascertain the entrance rate, separate the quantity of clients you have by the size of the objective market and afterward increase the outcome by 100. Sooner or later, on the off chance that you are fruitful at promoting, selling and holding customers, your organization ends up immersed in your market: You have hit the top of the line or greatest infiltration rate.

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