What is Product Specification in Marketing?

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Product Specification Definition

  • Stage of the business buying process in which the buying organization decides on and specifies the best technical product characteristics for a needed item.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Product Specification Explanation

A Product Specification is an archive that gives basic characterizing data about an item and can incorporate recognizable proof of the producer; a rundown of guidelines, bans and benchmarks that apply to the thing; structure determinations and item pictures that outwardly represent the item and note recognizing attributes. By recording the item and its highlights, the particular can be a helpful screening device to recognize when a pre-creation item contrasts from one on the store rack, flagging the likelihood of a material or configuration change, and conceivably a rebellious item. Authority Veritable can work with you to build up the parameters of your item determinations and naturally make the suitable archive to meet your screening and Reasonable Testing Program necessities.

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