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Promotional Pricing Definition

  • Temporarily pricing products below the list price, and sometimes even below cost, to increase short-run sales.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Promotional Pricing Explanation

Special Pricing is one of the most dominant deals advancement strategies in which the costs are scaled down radically for a brief length. It is likewise named as On Sale estimating. This builds the interest for the item. Limited time evaluating is generally utilized both by makers and retailers to pick up piece of the pie and pull in the clients to item, shop or a brand. Makers utilize this system to make clients mindful of a specific product offering or benefits or a specific brand. While for retailers, rather than a specific item or brand, the value markdown is given on numerous items in order to get the buyer to purchase an assortment of things from the shop. Limited time valuing is an educated choice by the organization to give value markdown on specific item or brand and computations are done so as to evaluate the attainability of rebate and the time-frame for which it could be given.

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