What is Relative Market Share in Marketing?

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Relative Market Share Definition

  • Market share in relation to a company's largest competitor.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Relative Market Share Explanation

Relative piece of the overall industry records an association's or a brand's piece of the pie against that of its driving rival. Market focus, a related measurement, measures how much a similarly modest number of firms represents a huge extent of the market. These measurements are helpful in looking at an association's or a brand's relative position crosswise over various markets and in assessing the sort and level of rivalry in those business sectors. Relative piece of the overall industry offers an approach to benchmark a company's or a brand's offer against that of its biggest rival, empowering administrators to think about relative market positions crosswise over various item advertises. Relative piece of the overall industry increases a portion of its critical-ness from studies - but questionable ones - recommending that significant players in a market will in general be more beneficial than their rivals.

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