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Risk Analysis Definition

  • A method by which possible rates of returns and their probabilities are calculated by obtaining estimates for uncertain variables affecting profitability.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Risk Analysis Explanation

Risk investigation is the way toward distinguishing and breaking down potential issues that could contrarily effect key business activities or basic ventures so as to enable associations to maintain a strategic distance from or alleviate those dangers. Playing out a hazard examination incorporates considering the likelihood of unfavorable occasions brought about by either normal procedures, as extreme tempests, tremors or floods, or antagonistic occasions brought about by malevolent or accidental human exercises; a significant piece of hazard investigation is recognizing the potential for damage from these occasions, just as the probability that they will happen. Associations must comprehend the dangers related with the utilization of their data frameworks to viably and productively secure their data resources. Hazard examination can enable an association to improve its security in various ways.

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