What is Sales Analysis in Marketing? PDF Book

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Sales Analysis Definition

  • Measuring and evaluating actual sales in relation to goals.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Sales Analysis Explanation

Sales investigation inspects deals reports to perceive what products and enterprises have and have not sold well. The examination is utilized to decide how to stock, how to gauge the adequacy of a business power, how to set assembling limit and to perceive how the organization is performing against its objectives. Generally a business investigation will contrast one time frame with an equivalent period previously. For instance, apparel retailers should look at how their school year kickoff deals did contrasted and a year ago. They may investigate the current year's deals from Aug. 1 through Labor Day and afterward contrast those numbers with a similar period a year prior. Different organizations take a gander at month-over-month deals, or deals this month contrasted and that month a year ago, or later period, contingent upon the idea of the business.

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