What is Secondary Groups in Marketing? PDF Book

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Secondary Groups Definition

  • Groups that tend to be more formal and require less interaction than primary groups, such as religious, professional, and trade-union groups.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Secondary Groups Explanation

Auxiliary gatherings are huge gatherings whose connections are unoriginal and objective arranged; their connections are brief. In contrast to first gatherings, optional gatherings are huge gatherings whose connections are unoriginal and objective situated. Individuals in an auxiliary gathering connect on a less close to home level than in an essential gathering, and their connections are commonly brief instead of dependable. Some auxiliary gatherings may keep going for a long time, however most are present moment. Such bunches likewise start and end with almost no essentials in the lives of the individuals included. Optional connections include powerless passionate ties and minimal individual learning of each other. As opposed to essential gatherings, optional gatherings don't have the objective of keeping up and building up the connections themselves.

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