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Sense of Mission Marketing Definition

  • A principle of sustainable marketing that holds a company should define its mission in broad social terms rather than narrow product terms.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Sense of Mission Marketing Explanation

Feeling of-Mission Marketing is basically a guideline of advertising that expresses that an association must characterize its main goal so that it has a more extensive social setting as opposed to being simply item arranged. This idea has prompted another age of lobbyist business people who are basically prepared business administrators with a feeling of social duty and enthusiasm for a greater reason. The most famous case of this would be of the Dove Campaign. After an examination directed by Unilever which uncovered that just 2% of the 3300 ladies and young ladies over viewed over the world felt that they were excellent, Unilever chose to reclassify the idea of excellence.

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