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Sponsorship Definition

  • Financial support of an event or activity in return for recognition and acknowledgment as the sponsor.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Sponsorship Explanation

Supporting something (or somebody) is the demonstration of supporting an occasion, movement, individual, or association monetarily or through the arrangement of items or administrations. The individual or gathering that gives the help, like a promoter, is known as support. Sponsorship is a money as well as in-kind charge paid to a property (regularly in games, expressions, diversion or causes) as an end-result of access to the exploitable business potential related with that property. While the support (property being supported) might be charitable, not normal for generosity, sponsorship is finished with the desire for a business return. While sponsorship can convey expanded mindfulness, brand building and inclination to buy, it is not the same as promoting. In contrast to promoting, sponsorship can not convey explicit item properties. Nor would it be able to remain solitary, as sponsorship needs help components.

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