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Straight Extension Definition and Explanation PDF Download

Learn Straight Extension definition in marketing with explanation to study “What is Straight Extension”. Study straight extension explanation with marketing terms to review marketing course for online MBA programs.

Straight Extension Definition:

  • Introducing a product in a foreign market without any change in the product.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Straight Extension Explanation:

A straight item expansion is exhibiting your item to a worldwide commercial center with no changes. A few items are internationally known and need no extra item or advancement changes. Individuals need the item on a worldwide premise, and once it is made accessible to them, it is bought without making any extra showcasing or advancement systems. Organizations create promoting techniques to construct a devoted client base, to manufacture associations with those clients and to make an incentive for the client. Successful item and advancement techniques are basic in ensuring your item is promptly available in the worldwide commercial center. Unique contemplation are important when advertising to worldwide clients, for example, global issues of innovation, transportation and guideline.

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