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Wheel of Retailing Concept Definition and Explanation PDF Download

Learn Wheel of Retailing Concept definition in marketing with explanation to study “What is Wheel-of-Retailing Concept”. Study wheel of retailing concept explanation with marketing terms to review marketing course for online MBA programs.

Wheel of Retailing Concept Definition:

  • A concept that states that new types of retailers usually begin as low-margin, low price, low-status operations but later evolve into higher-priced, higher-service operations, eventually becoming like the conventional retailers they replaced.

    Principles of Marketing by Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong

Wheel of Retailing Concept Explanation:

The Wheel of Retailing is a noteworthy theory with respect to examples of retail advancement in which new kinds of retailers by and large enter the market as low-edge, low-status, low-value administrators, that step by step procure increasingly expand premises and offices and move up market. As it were, the wheel of retailing, likewise called the retail wheel, alludes to how retailers begin off as rebate stores, yet begin boosting their costs when they become built up. At long last, they develop as staggering expense, high-cost, up market vendors who are defenseless against the market's more up to date contestants. The Wheel of Retailing is a theory that portrays how retailers way to deal with catch piece of the overall industry and make brand esteem. It clarifies how retailers more often than not start at the base of the wheel with low costs, benefits and esteem and after that step by step stir their way up to expanded costs, benefits and eminence.

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