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Conscientiousness Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Conscientiousness definition in organizational behavior with explanation to study “What are Conscientiousness”. Study conscientiousness explanation with organizational behavior terms to review organizational behavior course for online MBA programs.

Conscientiousness Definition:

  • A personality dimension that describes someone who is responsible, dependable, persistent, and organized.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Conscientiousness Explanation:

Conscientiousness is the character attribute of being cautious, or steady. Honesty suggests a craving to do an assignment well, and to pay attention to commitments to other people. Upright individuals will in general be effective and sorted out rather than accommodating and untidy. They show a propensity to show self-restraint, act obediently, and go for accomplishment; they show arranged instead of unconstrained conduct; and they are commonly reliable. It is showed in trademark practices, for example, being slick, and orderly; additionally including such components as watchfulness, exhaustiveness, and pondering (the inclination to think cautiously before acting.) Conscientiousness is one of the five attributes of both the Five Factor Model and the HEXACO model of character and is a part of what has customarily been alluded to as having character.

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