What are Contingency Variables?

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Contingency Variables Definition

  • Situational factors: variables that moderate the relationship between two or more variables.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Contingency Variables Explanation

The contigency variables hypothesis clarifies that there are explicit situational factors that can influence the immediate connections among free and ward factors in the investigation of authoritative conduct. Autonomous factors (x) are the reason for the adjustment in the needy variable, while subordinate factors (y) are a reaction influenced by a free factor. There is nobody most ideal approach to structure a partnership and take care of worker issues. Everything relies upon the circumstance. Cheapo Toys has been attempting to consummate their association by contemplating various factors that influence representatives. Organizations need to utilize experimentation to perceive what factors give the outcomes required. Inspiration and initiative are only two instances of numerous autonomous factors of the possibility hypothesis, while profitability, turnover and truancy are a few instances of ward factors.

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