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What are Emotions in Organizational Behavior? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Emotions definition in organizational behavior with explanation to study “What are Emotions”. Study emotions explanation with organizational behavior terms to review organizational behavior course for online MBA programs.

Emotions Definition

  • Intense feelings that are directed at someone or something.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Emotions Explanation

Feeling is a psychological state related with the sensory system expedited by compound changes differently connected with contemplation's, sentiments, conduct reactions, and a level of delight or dismay. There is right now no logical accord on a definition. Feeling is regularly interwoven with state of mind, demeanor, character, attitude, and motivation.Emotions can be characterized as a positive or negative experience that is related with a specific example of physiological movement." Emotions produce diverse physiological, social and subjective changes. The first job of feelings was to spur versatile practices that in the past would have added to the passing on of qualities through survival, multiplication, and family determination. Feelings are mind boggling. As indicated by certain hypotheses, they are conditions of inclination that outcome in physical and mental changes that impact our conduct.

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