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General Mental Ability (GMA) Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn General Mental Ability (GMA) definition in organizational behavior with explanation to study “What is General Mental Ability (GMA)”. Study general mental ability (gma) explanation with organizational behavior terms to review organizational behavior course for online MBA programs.

General Mental Ability (GMA) Definition:

  • An overall factor of intelligence, as suggested by the positive correlations among specific intellectual ability dimensions.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

General Mental Ability (GMA) Explanation:

General mental capacity (GMA) is a term used to portray the level at which an individual learns, gets guidelines, and tackles issues. Trial of general mental capacity incorporate scales that measure explicit builds, for example, verbal, mechanical, numerical, social, and spatial capacity. The general score is viewed as the most significant factor, clarifying more variety in individual execution than explicit capacities. Many employing choices are firmly affected by the degree of earlier professional training. Truth be told while professional training influences work execution, its relationship is flimsier than the association with general mental capacity, and the impact of experience decreases after some time, in contrast to the connection between occupation execution and general mental capacity.

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