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Job Enrichment Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Job Enrichment definition in organizational behavior with explanation to study “What is Job Enrichment”. Study job enrichment explanation with organizational behavior terms to review organizational behavior course for online MBA programs.

Job Enrichment Definition:

  • Vertical expansion of jobs, which increases the degree to which the worker controls the planning, execution, and evaluation of the work.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Job Enrichment Explanation:

Job improvement is a strategy for persuading workers where a vocation is intended to have intriguing and testing errands which can require more expertise and can expand pay. Employment improvement can be differentiated to work augmentation which essentially expands the quantity of undertakings without changing the test. Occupation advancement is viewed as a vertical activity rebuilding procedure where the attention is on giving the worker greater expert, autonomy, and command over the way the action is finished. Then again, work growth is viewed as an even rebuilding system where the center is only expanding the quantity of assignments yet does not change the general expert, independence, and control of the ventures.

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