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What is Self Fulfilling Prophecy in Organizational Behavior? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Self Fulfilling Prophecy definition in organizational behavior with explanation to study “What is Self Fulfilling Prophecy”. Study self fulfilling prophecy explanation with organizational behavior terms to review organizational behavior course for online MBA programs.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy Definition

  • A situation in which a person inaccurately perceives a second person, and the resulting expectations cause the second person to behave in ways consistent with the original perception.

    Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Self Fulfilling Prophecy Explanation

Inevitable outcome alludes to the socio-mental marvel of somebody "foreseeing" or anticipating something, and this "forecast" or desire materializes just in light of the fact that one trusts it will, and their subsequent practices adjust to satisfy those convictions. This proposes people groups' convictions impact their activities. The guideline behind this marvel is individuals make results with respect to individuals or occasions, in light of their past information toward that particular subject. Also, unavoidable outcome is material to negative and positive results. An unavoidable outcome might be a type of causality circle, just when the prediction can be said to be really known to happen, since at exactly that point occasions later on will cause impacts before. Else, it would be a basic instance of occasions in the past causing occasions later on. Fate does not really include a heavenly control, and could be the aftereffect of other "faultless premonition" components.

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