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Ability to Handle Stress Definition

  • Ability to handle stress enables the project managers to handle the stress that can arise from work situations.

    Successful Project Management by Jack Gido and James P. Clements

Ability to Handle Stress Explanation

Although a project is planned beforehand, it is likely to get behind schedule due to many unforeseen reasons. In this case, the project's success gets in jeopardy. When a project is not completed on time, the project manager is held accountable. To complete the project on time, sometimes, the project manager works under a lot of stress. No matter what the situation is, a good project manager is always able to handle stress. A project manager must not panic when things do not go as planned. He/she should be able to cope up with the changes without taking any stress. A project manager with the ability to handle stress well is a source of motivation and encouragement for his/her team.

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