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What is Activity in Project Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Activity definition in project management with explanation to study “What is Activity”. Study activity explanation with project management terms to review project management course for online MBA programs.

Activity Definitions:

  1. An activity is a defined piece of work that consumes time.

    Successful Project Management by Jack Gido and James P. Clements

  2. An activity is defined as a distinct, scheduled portion of work performed during the course of a project.

    A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge by Project Management Institute

  3. An activity represents the amount of work required to proceed from one point in time to another.

    Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling by Harold Kerzner?

Activity Explanation:

In the process of planning a project, the first step is to identify the activities associated with the project. An activity is a task which requires some resources and consumes time. Activities are necessarily be performed well in order to carry out a successful project. Basically, a project is a combination of different activities. The activities should be defined properly. Activities are to be portrayed through a diagram in order to understand them easily, allocate resources to them and establish the work sequence. For example, in a house construction project, designing the house, digging, cementing, painting the walls are all activities.

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