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What is As Soon as Possible Schedule in Project Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn As Soon as Possible Schedule definition in project management with explanation to study “What is As Soon as Possible Schedule”. Study as soon as possible schedule explanation with project management terms to review project management course for online MBA programs.

As Soon as Possible Schedule Definition

  • As-soon-as possible schedule is based on the earliest start time of each activity in the project.

    Successful Project Management by Jack Gido and James P. Clements

As Soon as Possible Schedule Explanation

After planning the project, the project is divided into associated tasks and activities using a work breakdown structure. These activities are then organizaed into a network diagram to show the dependencies among them. The duration estimates of all the activities are made. Each activity requires a specific set of resources that are to be allocated to the activity. These resources must be identified along with the type and amount. A chart that shows the amount and type of resources for each activity and their intended utilization is called resource utilization chart. When earliest start times of the activities are considered while allocating resources to the activities through a resource utilization chart, it is termed as as-soon-as possible schedule. This is a simple type of scheduling and does not care for the number of resources required rather consider starting the activity as soon as the previous activity finishes.

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