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What is Assumption Log in Project Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Assumption Log definition in project management with explanation to study “What is Assumption Log”. Study assumption log explanation with project management terms to review project management course for online MBA programs.

Assumption Log Definition

  • Assumption log identifies assumptions and constraints about the product, project, environment, stakeholders, and other factors that can influence the project and product scope.

    A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge by Project Management Institute

Assumption Log Explanation

When a project is carried out, there are some assumptions that must be taken into consideration. An assumption is a factor that is considered during the planning phase and considered to be true although it is not tested. Assumptions are made before the actual work on the project is started i.e. during planning. An assumption log is a document that lists and records all the assumptions taken during the project life cycle. Assumptions can also be made for the project activities at later stages of the project. These are also recorded in the assumption log. These assumptions, after listed in the assumption log, becomes easy to get validated at all stages.

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