What is Brainstorming in Project Management?

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Brainstorming Definitions

  1. Brainstorming is a technique used in problem solving in which all members of a group contribute spontaneous ideas.

    Successful Project Management by Jack Gido and James P. Clements

  2. In brainstorming, all ideas are recorded and none are discarded.

    Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling by Harold Kerzner?

Brainstorming Explanation

In the problem-solving process, different techniques are used. One of them is brainstorming. Brainstorming involves generating ideas and alternatives for solving an identified problem. When a problem is identified, team members group together to perform brainstorming. It is important to exhaust all the ideas and alternatives first before selecting the most appropriate solution. Brainstorming technique focuses more on quantity rather than quality. The objective of brainstorming is to generate as many ideas as possible, both obsolete and novel ideas. Brainstorming usually is based on two rules, no discussion and no judgmental comments. Brainstorming is a creative technique and people involved in the process have fun doing it.

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