What is Bath Tub Curve in Supply Chain Management?

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Bath Tub Curve Definition

  • A curve that describes the failure probability of a product, service or process and indicates relatively high probabilities of failure at the beginning and at the end of the life cycle.

    Operations Management by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

Bath Tub Curve Explanation

The bath bend is created by mapping the pace of early "baby mortality" disappointments when previously presented, the pace of arbitrary disappointments with consistent disappointment rate during its "valuable life", lastly the pace of "wear out" disappointments as the item surpasses its structure lifetime. In less specialized terms, in the early existence of an item clinging to the bath bend, the disappointment rate is high yet quickly diminishing as faulty items are distinguished and disposed of, and early wellsprings of potential disappointment, for example, taking care of and establishment blunder are surmounted. In the midlife of an item - for the most part representing buyer items - the disappointment rate is low and consistent. In the late existence of the item, the disappointment rate increments, as age and wear negatively affect the item. Numerous electronic buyer item life cycles emphatically show the bath bend.

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