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Delivery Flexibility Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Delivery Flexibility definition in supply chain management with explanation to study “What is Delivery Flexibility”. Study delivery flexibility explanation with SCM terms to review supply chain management course for online MBA programs.

Delivery Flexibility Definition:

  • Operation's ability to change the timing of the delivery of its services or products.

    Operations Management by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

Delivery Flexibility Explanation:

Clients progressively search for the capacity to have requests part between addresses, to have things with various satisfaction times merged into a solitary conveyance, to ship to areas other than their personal residence, and to change conveyance dates or have bundles rerouted once sent. "Adaptable Delivery" signifies a methodology of the conveyance to training which permits span and force, spot, strategy and conveyance medium to mirror the learning targets, the necessities of the understudy, the subject and course prerequisites and the judgment of the educator. The point of adaptability is to give an enhanced learning condition and adaptability to meet the individual adapting needs of understudies. Hence embrace discovering that utilizes a scope of innovation driven media course-product to upgrade the adequacy of the educating and learning forms. Additionally make accessible a best in class sight and sound asset and improvement corner to support understudy focused and autonomous learning; give testing offices to educators to create preliminary learning objects for understudy focused adaptable learning.

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