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What is Job enrichment in Supply Chain Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Job Enrichment definition in supply chain management with explanation to study “What is Job enrichment”. Study job enrichment explanation with SCM terms to review supply chain management course for online MBA programs.

Job Enrichment Definitions

  1. A method of giving an employee more responsibility that includes some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment; vertical expansion.

    Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management by Jay Heizer, Barry Render, Chuck Munson

  2. A term used in job design to indicate increasing the variety and number of tasks within an individual's job; this may include increased decision-making and autonomy.

    Operations Management by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

Job Enrichment Explanation

This technique is used by the organizations to motivate their employees and to provide them greater level of satisfaction. The main task of this is to give additional duties to the employees like to give suggestions and ideas. This motivates them and their morale increases which in return becomes organizational success.

Job Enrichment Explanation

Occupation improvement is a typical persuasive method utilized by associations to give a representative more noteworthy fulfillment in his work. It means giving a worker extra obligations recently saved for his administrator or other higher-positioning positions. Basically, an enhanced activity gives the worker progressively self-administration in his obligations. Occupation advancement, work revolution and employment expansion are three instances of ways managers attempt to make occupations all the more fulfilling. While work extension adds more extensive duties to a position, work advancement gives the representative progressively vertical specialist. The goal is to give a worker increasingly close to home responsibility for the work that he does. Thus, the business trusts that he feels to a greater degree a feeling of self-esteem from his job in the business.

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