What is Reverse Engineering in Supply Chain Management? PDF Book

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Reverse Engineering Definition

  • Taking apart or deconstruction of a product or service in order to understand how it has been produced (often by a competing organization)..

    Operations Management by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

Reverse Engineering Explanation

Figuring out, additionally got back to building, is the procedure by which a man-made article is deconstructed to uncover its structures, engineering, or to separate information from the item; like logical research, the main contrast being that logical research is about a characteristic marvel. There are numerous purposes behind performing figuring out in different fields. Figuring out has its causes in the examination of equipment for business or military preferred position. In any case, the figuring out procedure in itself isn't worried about making a duplicate or changing the ancient rarity here and there; it is just an examination so as to reason configuration highlights from items with next to zero extra information about the strategies associated with their unique generation. Sometimes, the objective of the figuring out procedure can just be a re-documentation of heritage frameworks.

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