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Visibility Definition

  • Amount of value-added activity that takes place in the presence (in reality or virtually) of the customer, also called 'customer contact'.

    Operations Management by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

Visibility Explanation

In meteorology, perceivability is a proportion of the separation at which an item or light can be unmistakably observed. It is accounted for inside surface climate perceptions and METAR code either in meters or rule miles, contingent on the nation. Perceivability influences all types of traffic: streets, cruising and avionics. Meteorological perceivability alludes to straightforwardness of air: in dull, meteorological perceivability is as yet equivalent to in sunshine for a similar air. Perceivability of under 100 meters (330 ft.) is generally revealed as zero. In these conditions, streets might be shut down, or programmed cautioning lights and signs might be initiated to caution drivers. These have been set up in specific zones that are liable to over and again low perceivability, especially after car accidents or heap ups including various vehicles.

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