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Two Factor Theory (Motivation Hygiene Theory) Lecture Notes with Definitions PDF | Download eBooks

Study Two Factor Theory (Motivation Hygiene Theory) lecture notes PDF with strategic management definitions and explanation to study “What is Two-Factor Theory (Motivation-Hygiene Theory)?”. Study two factor theory (motivation hygiene theory) explanation with strategic management terms to review strategic management course for online MBA programs.

Two Factor Theory (Motivation Hygiene Theory) Definition:

  • Motivation theory that intrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction and motivation, whereas extrinsic factors are associated with job dissatisfaction.

    Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A. Coulter

Two Factor Theory (Motivation Hygiene Theory) Notes:

Herzberg had close interfaces with Maslow and put stock in a two-factor hypothesis of inspiration. He contended that there were sure factors that a business could present that would legitimately persuade representatives to work more enthusiastically (inspirations). Anyway there were likewise factors that would de-spur a worker if not present yet would not in themselves really rouse representatives to work more earnestly (cleanliness factors). Inspirations are progressively worried about the genuine activity itself. For example how intriguing the work is and how much open door it gives for additional duty, acknowledgment and advancement. Cleanliness components are factors which 'encompass the activity' as opposed to the activity itself. For instance a specialist will possibly go up to work if a business has given a sensible degree of compensation and safe working conditions yet these components won'T make him work more enthusiastically at his particular employment once he is there.

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