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Absenteeism Definition

  • Failure to show up for work.

    Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A. Coulter

Absenteeism Explanation

Absenteeism is an ongoing example of nonappearance from an obligation or commitment without valid justification. For the most part, non-attendance is spontaneous unlucky deficiencies. Non-attendance has been seen as a pointer of poor individual execution, just as a rupture of a verifiable contract among worker and business. It is viewed as an administration issue, and confined in monetary or semi financial terms. Later grant tries to comprehend non-attendance as a marker of mental, medicinal, or social acclimation to work. High non-appearance in the working environment might be demonstrative of poor resolve, yet unlucky deficiencies can likewise be brought about by work environment risks or wiped out structure disorder. Work powers regularly pardon non-attendance brought about by medicinal reasons if the representative gives supporting documentation from their therapeutic expert.

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