What is Attribution Theory in Strategic Management? PDF Book

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Attribution Theory Definition

  • A theory used to explain how we judge people differently depending on what meaning we attribute to a given behavior.

    Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A. Coulter

Attribution Theory Explanation

Attribution hypothesis manages how the social perceiver utilizes data to touch base at causal clarifications for occasions. It inspects what data is accumulated and how it is joined to frame a causal judgment. This hypothesis manages the clarification of an individual's conduct, regardless of whether others or their own. One model would be, is an individual crying since she is weak or in light of the fact that something harmed her? Attribution hypothesis concerns all clarifications made by individuals in endeavors to clarify their activities and occasions that happen. Inner attribution alludes to the inclination of relegating the reason or obligation of a specific conduct or activity to inside trademark, instead of to outside powers. Interior attributions that we frequently consider in charge of others conduct are thought processes, character, convictions, etc. Outside attribution is actually rather than inner attribution. The propensity of appointing the reason or obligation of a specific conduct or activity to outside powers instead of global trademark is called outer attribution.

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