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Autocratic Style Definition

  • A leader who dictates work methods, makes unilateral decisions, and limits employee participation.

    Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A. Coulter

Autocratic Style Explanation

Autocratic style, otherwise called tyrant initiative, is an authority style described by individual command over all choices and little contribution from gathering individuals. Despotic pioneers regularly settle on decisions dependent on their thoughts and decisions and once in a while acknowledge counsel from devotees. Totalitarian initiative includes outright, tyrant command over a gathering. Like other administration styles, the imperious style has both a few advantages and a few shortcomings. While the individuals who depend on this way to deal with vigorously are frequently observed as bossy or tyrant like, this degree of control can have benefits and be valuable in specific circumstances. At the point when and where the tyrant style is most helpful can rely upon elements, for example, the circumstance, the sort of undertaking the gathering is taking a shot at, and qualities of the colleagues.

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