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Six Sigma Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Six Sigma definition in strategic management with explanation to study “What is Six Sigma”. Study six sigma explanation with strategic management terms to review strategic management course for online MBA programs.

Six Sigma Definition:

  • A quality program designed to reduce defects and help lower costs, save time, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Management by Stephen P. Robbins, Mary A. Coulter

Six Sigma Explanation:

Six Sigma is a strategy that gives associations instruments to improve the ability of their business forms. This expansion in execution and diminishing in procedure variety encourages lead to abandon decrease and improvement in benefits, representative spirit, and nature of items or administrations. Sigma speaks to the populace standard deviation, which is a proportion of the variety in an informational index gathered about the procedure. In the event that a deformity is characterized by detail cutoff points isolating great from awful results of a procedure, at that point a six sigma procedure has a procedure mean (normal) that is six standard deviations from the closest particular farthest point. This gives enough cradle between the procedure normal variety and as far as possible.

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